Nov 16, 2008

Another gift

My sister sent me 2 long pieces of her Tatting, she said she didn't know what to do with them after she made them and they have been sitting in a tote ever since. So, I decided to use them for trim on pillow cases which I will send to her as a gift. I used a WOW cotton. I thought a print might over power the beautiful tatting. I think she will be surprised and I know she will love them. These will look good with her new quilt.


  1. What a wonderful way to use the tatting. She'll love it.

    Gina posted a few days ago that she had her bag together and would post it. Guess she's a little behind since her trip, or over stuffed with chocolate!

  2. The pillow cases are lovely. How could she not love them. What a good sister you are.

  3. Thank you SEW much for regularly visiting my blog!!! I was so excitd to see my name on your listing. Thank you for your comments. Love your blog!!!



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