Nov 18, 2008

Do a little dance

I went to visit my daughter, and found that my grandsons have learned to dance. Ones a booty shaker and the other does tap. They use the coffee table as there stage. I adore my boys, they are the sweetest nature babies I have ever seen. And they both have so much personality. If you listen you'll hear how they communicate, I think they understand each others baby jabber. Keith is the one who took the head dive into the table. He's the one I was telling you is such a dare devil. John's more cautious, thank goodness. These 2 really keep me on my toes, when I watch them. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world


  1. Donna, they are so cute! I can certainly understand how they make you so happy. I can`t wait till I get some grandchildren to spoil rotten. And since I have four boys, I REALLY need a granddaughter.

  2. SO sweet it is the jibber jabber I love the most......

  3. So sweet! They sure are enjoying themselves.

  4. They are adorable

    love and hugs Gina xxx


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