Nov 23, 2008

What I'm up to

I've joined a holiday PC swap. I love making and receiving these. I have a cute idea for mine, I'll be posting them soon since they have to be mailed out fairly quickly. So, I'll be making those right away.
I still haven't received the mini quilt in a bag fabrics yet, so don't have any idea as what to do yet.
I have made a few more pincushions since the other day, and have put the wonky dog blocks together and have the side borders on. I'll probably get the top and bottom done today and get to ready for quilting. My oldest grandson loves the Georgia Bulldawgs, so he'll be really surprised when he gets this. I told him I was making him a cowboy quilt and he wasn't too enthused, I can't wait till he sees I have tricked him.
What are you working on?


  1. It should be with you soon. It normally takes 10-14 days to get over to you and it's been 7 days already.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. this is a great quilt...he should be thrilled!!

  3. How cute is that ....Im working on some quilt tops I bought at a bargin price let me go take a picture of them I will put them up today......I love all your waps and stuff how do you find them Lani

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. I love your color choice.

  5. I really like the black, white, and red. I've stared picking up fq's, and one of these days I'll do one too!

  6. OH my! Love the Bulldog quilt! I hope my 7 year old Munchkin does see it...she'll think hers is substandard!


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