Nov 5, 2008

They are growing up too fast !!!

I spent the day yesterday with the boys, and I love every minute I spend with them. They are both such handsome fellows. Both of them have so much personality, you just can't help but love them. They are both well behaved, but of course they will always be angels in my eyes. While one is a true dare devil, afraid of nothing. The other is more apt to investigate before diving in. I can always tell when they are getting tired, one grabs his foofoo, the other gets Mr. dog. They are learning so much so fast, I think they will grow up too fast for me. I try to cherish the time I have with them. Nothing brings me more joy then when I arrive and they coming running with their big smiles all excited because it's nana. They are the same age and size, and play so well together. Their personalities are really starting to show more each day. It is funny to see how smart they've become. When Keith wants something that John has, he'll go pick John dog up, knowing John will drop what he has, to come rescue his dog. Then Keith makes a mad dash to go get what he has tricked John into putting down. I get tickled just thinking about it. Neither are finicky eaters. I've never had problems getting them to eat their veggies. I have never found something that Keith will not eat, until just the other day. I had made a big pot of chicken and dumpling. Now I like to eat my dumplings on top of mashed potatoes. I know Keith loves mashed potatoes, but he would not eat the dumplings, he made it very clear he didn't like them. My daughter hates dumplings too. She told me she doesn't even like the way they look. I guess we pass our taste buds down to our off spring. He loves bananas and apple sauce, I think those are his favorite. Johns loves sweet potatoes and yogurt. We asked the doctor why his nose sometimes looks a little orange and she said it was because he eats a lot of carrots and sweet potatoes. but it was okay because he eats all his other food groups too. I guess you can tell I'm home today and missing them. I can just about tell you if one gets a new hair on his head. I just love every little thing about them.

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